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Terms and Conditions

Municipal Lien Searches

Skyline Line Search caters to all customers no matter what size or frequency in which they place their orders, we strive to stand alone in our field, commencing with customer service and ending in reliability and accuracy in our results. For pricing details, please feel free to contact our customer service department and you will be enlightened as to our turnaround time as well as prices

HOA Estoppel Letters

Skyline Lien Search also provides services affiliated with the conclusions of Estoppels Requests, to alleviate any down time you may encounter, our goal driven team will commence the process and conclude the results in a cost effective manner in order to streamline your closing protocol. The service fee for same is that of $75 per address plus whatever expenses may be incurred to allocate a prompt and accurate response. Please note association and attorney fees are an addition to our service fee. Please note there is an agreement to be executed that stipulates that due to the nature of the process, that there can be no cancellations and that payment shall be received within the following thirty day (30) period. Also note, payment is for the Estoppels request and not the outstanding balances that may or may not be affiliated with said same request.

Zoning Verification Letters

Skyline Lien Search endeavors to be number one in the industry also provides zoning verification letters as an option to our clients, that as well requires an agreement, which stipulates, that due to the nature of the product also must be paid within the following thirty day (30) period and that no cancellations may be honored. The cost for expenses is $75 plus and costs affiliated with timely retrieval as well as municipal expenses. All of which is offered by Skyline Lien Search to accommodate and cater to our individual clients.

Errors and Omissions

As an industry leader, we are proud to state that our vast experience is also backed with a significant E & O Insurance Policy to warrant your peace of mind for up to $1,000.000.00 We diligently conduct our research with truth and conscious, as well as having the safeguard to conduct same with the advantage of a significant backing in case an egregious error. Please note that Skyline Lien Search is not responsible for any reporting errors created by inaccurate entries/docketing and/or internal reporting procedures of the examined records by the municipalities. In an effort to refrain such, responses are verified to the best of our abilities, but liabilities for misinformation on behalf of the municipality remains an issue to be dealt with solely with the municipality in question.

Summary Synopsis

In an effort for extreme streamlining our searches are completed utilizing a “summary statement” which, in essence is a summation of the completed search, the intent is that of summation and protocol, not to be utilized as the lien search itself, it is merely a synopsis of the subsequent information detailed throughout the completed search. Although all efforts are made to enlist the responses provided, the customer must analyze the responses provided for verification purposes. Once again, Skyline Lien Search is not to be held accountable for misinformation provided by entities responsible for the validity of the responses.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, you may contact us here.
Last Edited on 2021-08-02