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The Nation's top lenders and Title companies rely on Skyline Title Support to provide timely and accurate property tax information to help accelerate the loan closing process. Our Nationwide Tax Certificates cover all jurisdictional and data reporting requirements. Skyline Title Support will always assure you that there will never be any confusion regarding any amount owned, and when to pay. As well as how to pay with respect to your client's real estate property taxes.

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What is a Tax Certificate?
A real estate tax certificate serves as confirmation regarding the frequency and amount of real estate taxes owed, both presently and in the future, for a particular property. It attests to the commitment to pay these taxes in a timely manner.
In several states, the tax collection process involves multiple entities and various collection schedules, some of which offer discounts for early payment. It's crucial to adhere to these schedules to avoid any potential issues with clouded titles, wherein unpaid taxes can result in liens being placed on the property. Therefore, staying informed about the applicable collection schedules and fulfilling tax obligations promptly is essential for maintaining a clear title
What are the Normal Turnaround Times?
Typically, the standard turnaround time for most tax certificates is 2-3 business days. It's important to note that this timeframe is necessary to allow for verification and confirmation from all taxing entities involved. This process ensures that the data provided in the certificates is not only accurate but also up to date.
Given the importance of accuracy and timeliness in tax certificate issuance, thorough verification and confirmation procedures are in place to safeguard the integrity of the information provided. Therefore, while the turnaround time may seem brief, it allows for meticulous attention to detail to meet the standards of accuracy and reliability expected in tax documentation.
What states do we cover?
Real estate Tax Certificates may be provided for all the United States depending upon your servicing requirements. Please note in the rare occasions where the State provides stricter guidelines for document retrieval an authorization may be required to complete certification.
Why does Pennsylvania take longer than other states?
Pennsylvania's complex tax system, involving multiple taxing entities and reliance on third-party providers, extends the customary 2-3 business days for tax certifications. Officials, often civil servants, manage taxation guidelines alongside their primary duties, which may include remote work, adding to the certification process's complexity and time.

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