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Obtaining HOA documents for closing poses a substantial challenge in the realm of real estate transactions. This process entails a multitude of manual tasks, including the determination of the presence of an HOA, locating their contact details, urging the seller to cover document fees, and optimistically awaiting the receipt of the accurate documents.

On average, nearly 38 hours are expended for every 50 transactions that involve an HOA, equating to almost a week spent in the pursuit of HOA documents to finalize a transaction. Consequently, it is a common occurrence for transactions to encounter disruptions or delays due to the absence, tardiness, or inaccuracy of HOA information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Turnaround time for an HOA/CONDO Estoppel?
At Skyline Title Support, we ensure efficient delivery of HOA documents, adapting to your closing date and any restrictions. Our expertise allows us to provide documents swiftly, often ahead of schedule, with a turnaround of 3-10 business days. For urgent needs, we offer rush services, though any HOA rush fees will be passed on. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to supplying your HOA document needs promptly and effectively.
What information do I need to submit an order?
To facilitate the acquisition of HOA documents, we only require the property address and the buyer's name. It's important to note that many HOAs have a policy of withholding information until the buyer's name is provided. Therefore, ensuring the buyer's name is included with the request expedites the process and ensures a smoother transaction.
Can I order an Estoppel Letter without a lien search?
Ordering both a lien search and estoppel is recommended for all properties, including condominiums, but they can also be ordered individually.

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