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Skyline Title Support is committed to delivering professional, accurate, and timely land surveying services. We have formed strategic partnerships with a network of fully licensed survey providers across Florida, ensuring that our clients receive the utmost in quality and expertise. By integrating the latest and most sophisticated technology available in the field, we enhance the precision of our surveys and the efficiency of our processes.

Our surveyors are rigorously trained and deeply committed to excellence, continuously striving to not only meet but exceed industry standards. They are dedicated to providing the quickest possible turnaround times without compromising the quality of their work. This commitment to speed and professionalism makes Skyline Title Support a trusted partner in facilitating your land surveying needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a land survey, and why is it necessary?
A land survey is a detailed measurement and mapping of a property's boundaries, features, and topography. It's necessary to accurately define property lines, identify easements or encroachments, and ensure compliance with local zoning regulations before construction or property transactions.
Who typically orders a land survey, and when is it needed?
Land surveys are typically ordered by property owners, developers, real estate agents, or lenders involved in property transactions or development projects. They are needed when purchasing, selling, or subdividing land, as well as for construction projects, boundary disputes, or obtaining building permits.
How long does a land survey take to complete, and what factors influence the timeframe?
The timeframe for completing a land survey varies depending on factors such as property size, complexity, location, and surveyor availability. While smaller residential surveys may be completed in a few days, larger or more intricate surveys may take up to several weeks.
What’s your coverage area?
Skyline Title Support currently provides services across the entire state of Florida. However, we are actively working to expand our coverage into other states to better serve our clients. Stay tuned for updates on our expansion efforts.

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