Mortgage Payoff Letters

Skyline Title Support offers an additional service that caters to individuals and organizations that are seeking to obtain a mortgage payoff letter from their current lender(s). This service allows clients to conveniently secure accurate and up-to-date payoff information regarding the outstanding balance on their mortgage loans.

Skyline Title Support's expertise and long established relationships with lenders all across the nation, along with a vast knowledge of navigating the complexities of mortgage documentation, makes Skyline your best choice for the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a mortgage payoff letter, and why is it needed?
A mortgage payoff letter, also known as a mortgage satisfaction letter or loan payoff statement, is a document provided by the lender that outlines the total amount required to fully pay off the remaining balance on a mortgage loan. It is needed to officially close out the mortgage account and release any liens on the property.
How Fast can you get a Mortgage payoff letter delivered?
The timeframe for receiving a mortgage payoff letter can vary depending on the lender's processes and workload. While some lenders may provide the letter within a few hours or the same business day, others may take several days to process the request. It's advisable to request the payoff letter well in advance of any deadlines to ensure timely receipt.
Do I need to provide a Borrower's Authorization letter when submitting my request?
In many cases, a Borrower's Authorization Letter is necessary to process your request effectively. You can conveniently utilize the form provided on our ordering platform, or alternatively, you may choose to use your own authorization letter format. Either way, this letter ensures that your request is properly authorized and expedited according to your needs.
Can I use the mortgage payoff letter for refinancing or selling my property?
Yes, the mortgage payoff letter serves as official confirmation of the remaining balance on your mortgage loan and can be used for various purposes, including refinancing, or selling your property. Lenders typically require this document to finalize the payoff and release any liens on the property title.

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